Mohit Malhotra : 22 Male, Mumbai : Mtv Splitsvilla 2 contestant

Favourite Colour

White and Red

Favourite place to vacation


Favourite Books

How to drive woman wild in bed

What do you look for in a lover

Unconditional love

Favourite Movies

Avitor,Life is beautiful, Catch me you can, Hitch

Are you shy?

Not really

If your life would have been a movie, which one would it be

The love guru

Have you ever proposed to a boy?If yes, what did you say? If no, why not?

No No

Hottest Actors

Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt,Hritik Roshan

Have you ever proposed to a girl?If yes, what did you say? If no, why not?

Yeah.. couple of times..and I say..I think you love me..and she goes yes I do

How many lovers have you had till date


What is your life’s ambition

To make my life

What is your worst breakup experience

Fortunately no grl rily broke was pretty exciting for them to have me

What do you feel about getting into Splitsvilla 2


What have you learnt from your past experiences

Life is a it hard

Would you ever choose money over love

Not relly

What should a guy / girl do to ‘patao’ you

Look sexy!! Talk good

If you got 3 wishes, what would you wish for

give me lots of fame, give me lots of money,give me another 3 wishes

Most embarrassing experience

One time there was this friend..she was kinda drunk at a party to which I had gone along with my girlfriend..and suddenly she was confessing her feelings for me,In front of her..and she was sexy as now I wish I had gone alone..

Who do you think is the hottest VJ on MTV


Most memorable experience with a member of the opposite sex

All of them are memorable


  1. One thing holds true for this guy:

    The hair is real; it’s the head that’s a fake. — Steve Allen

    :D Best of luck dude ! Not while you are in but when you will get out : )

  2. Mohit you are very hot and cool boy
    please give me your mobile number. i wanna be your are such a hot man in all splitsvella
    and you are the are the king and you are the winner dude.god bless you.

  3. Mohit...i think u r really cute n sweet...beside not being a 1 woman man...u still hv a really gud nature...n datz wht really matrz...keep up d gud wishes 4 ur hard n party hard...:) :p